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Spring, 2007



Dear Fellow Members of the Bar:

I am both honored and appreciative of the opportunity of serving this year as president of our bar association. I have been very fortunate to have worked with exemplary recent presidents, Frank McCann, Carol Ervin and Mark Tanenbaum. In particular, I thank Cheryl Shoun for her outstanding service last year as president.

As I begin my 25th year of practice, I am comforted by certain constants in our profession, yet troubled by various developments. The facets of the law which hopefully will never change, and therefore will remain reassuring to us all, are well-known. They include a genuine desire to provide an essential professional service by furnishing competent, effective, and zealous representation while maintaining a high degree of civility, an unyielding commitment to seek that which is truly fair and just, and a sincere dedication to maintaining the sanctity and integrity of our profession generally.

There are however certain developments which, I believe and fear, pose a threat to these ideals, thereby creating the potential for detrimental impact upon our profession. We have been inundated with advancements in technology (the internet and email, cell phones, voice mail, automated office phone systems, teleconferencing, and participation at docket soundings via the internet), a relentless barrage of quasi - law television talk shows, court television, exhaustive self-promotion and distasteful advertising.

Although, arguably, some of these developments potentially serve to simplify and perhaps theoretically enhance our work, they may, in fact, ultimately serve to harm the profession. In some respects, they already have. Ill-effects, such as a depersonalization of the practice and the seeming evolution of the law from a time honored and noble service profession to just another business enterprise, are both disillusioning and disheartening.

It therefore becomes increasingly imperative that we persevere in our efforts to promote justice and enhance the legal profession. Certainly, it is important that we utilize and take advantage of all technological advancements, but it is equally as important that we maintain, and moreover, cultivate old fashioned personal interaction with each other. I believe that if we keep this in mind we will more effectively fulfill our professional obligations, as well as accomplish our individual and monetary goals.

This is the essence of the message of the “Crossing the Bar� video recently forwarded to all members of our bar. We should all heed the words and the wisdom of these pillars of our legal community.


Jerry Theos

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