Pro Bono Legal Services

A Program of the Charleston County Bar Association - (843)853-6456


1.   Who pays filing fees, services fees and court costs?

A.  This is the duty of the client. “Forma Pauperis” is available for clients who cannot  afford to pay.

2.   How does PBLS decide what kinds of cases to accept?

A.  PBLS conducts needs assessment and includes the input of clients, attorneys, Court  personnel and cooperating agencies to arrive at a set of priorities to govern the types  of cases taken.

3.   Do I, as a volunteer attorney get credit toward my Rule 608 responsibilities by taking a pro  bono case?

A. No.

4.   What is considered an appropriate number of hours of Pro Bono work for an attorney?

A. The ABA recommends 50 hours per year.

To access available pro bono cases, the access codes have been changed on the website. To access available cases, the user name is "Attorney" and the password is "Thankyouforyourhelp"


5.   What sort of screening of clients is done prior to referring a case to a Pro Bono attorney?

A.  Applicants are screened for income eligibility and interviewed by a PBLS staff  attorney to determine whether the case has merit. A fact description is prepared and  necessary documents relevant to the case are procured by PBLS prior to referral.

6.  What sort of support is available to the Pro Bono volunteer after the case is accepted by a  volunteer attorney?

A.  PBLS has an arrangement with the Charleston School of Law to have law students  provide legal research to volunteer attorneys on appropriate cases.

Pro Bono Legal Services Inc. is currently accepting applications for services. Low-Income persons who are otherwise eligible and seek legal advice or representation should call 843-853-6456 for an interview to determine eligibility for services.

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