Course Information

Below is the list of the CCBA sponsored CLEs for the current year, their course number, and credit hours.  If you have any additional questions, send an email to executive secretary, Kimberly A. Steele.

Date Name of CLE Course Code

CLE Credit Hours

1/7/22 Estate Planning 224509ado 1 MCLE
1/14/22 Mindfulness 224580ado 1 SA/MH
1/19/22 Law Practice Management 224623ado 1
2/2/22 What Works For Me 225300 7 hours, including
1 hour ethics and
1 hour SA/MH
2/16/22 Construction CLE 225733ado 2 MCLE
2/25/22 Land Use/Zoning 226152ado 2 hours, including
1 hour MCLE and
1 hour ethics