Charleston County Bar Association – Student Division Mentoring Program :

The Charleston County Bar Association – Student Division Mentoring Program (SDMP) is a distinctive mentoring program that promotes career development and camaraderie between student members and professional members of the Charleston County Bar Association. Mentors will serve as role models, offer advice and guide students as they begin to develop their professional network.

The SDMP program is NOT an employment placement program. Instead, SDMP focuses on helping students develop into well-rounded professionals. This program contributes to the student’s development and exposes them to the practical skills necessary to practice law.

SDMP has two branches:

1. Small group lunches (6-8 students), held once every two weeks, present an informal opportunity for students and a mentor with similar legal interests to share lunch and perspectives on the positive and negative aspects of a specific practice area and its future potential

2. A traditional one-on-one mentoring program, which ends upon the mentee’s graduation, and is designed to provide students with a professional role model while exposing them to the realities of practicing law.

If you are an attorney who wants to mentor a student or if you are a student in need of a mentor, please contact Judge Kristi L. Harrington at

State Mentoring Program :

The Charleston County Bar Association encourages its members to be a mentor to those men and women who recently passed the Bar exam and are transitioning into the legal profession. The need for mentors is critical. Through participation in the mentoring program, experienced lawyers are providing a great service to the Court, the legal community, and the public. At the end of the one-year mentoring period, any lawyer who has served as a mentor will receive four (4.00) hours of MCLE credit, which includes two (2.00) hours of LEPR credit.