Diversity and inclusion are important to Charleston County Bar Association for three reasons.

First, the legal profession and law schools have members who come from a wide range of backgrounds and they have a wide range of experiences.  Working to increase diversity and inclusion in our Bar Association opens the door for initiatives and discussions that will strengthen our organization.

Second, Charleston is the home of diversity and a rich history.  Our Bar Association’s embracing diversity and inclusion mirrors what our city recognizes.

Third, diversity and inclusion make good business and educational sense. Working to increase diversity and inclusion furthers our honorable profession’s mission of seeking fairness and justice in the courtroom and in our community.

The goals of the Committee are:

  1. to increase participation of all members of the Charleston Bar’s events;
  2. to welcome new members and provide them with incentives to be active in our organization;
  3. to implement the Diversity Seminar for this Fall.